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What is Guaranteed Internship Project?

As Izmir University of Economics, we developed the concept of “Campus Izmir”, which would set an example of city-university integration across Turkey.

One of the most important subcomponents of Campus Izmir, which brought along many changes, is the “Guaranteed Internship” project that will enable students to gain experience by getting to know the business world before they graduate.

Being supported by Izmir Chamber of Commerce with its 80 thousand members, the University provided internship opportunities to students.  

Students of Izmir University of Economics no longer lose any sleep over about finding businesses to perform internship at.

Our students, by performing their internships in fields and companies of their choice, both gain experience, and develop their career goals by establishing a business network.  


The Advantages of Intrenships for Businesses:

- Select your next-generation workforce among the interns, find the correct employee without spending resources.

- Increase your brand awareness through the interns, and improve your corporate reputation.

- Select your prospective employees based on real job performance rather than a 15-minute interview.

- Bring new blood into your existing team with highly-talented, motivated, and eager to learn interns.  

- Take advantage of having zero-cost workforce, without paying insurance costs. Work with as many interns as you need for one year.  

- Contribute to the enrichment of Izmir’s local work force by accepting interns.

- Improve your company with interns who have good command of the latest technology and techniques.

- Bring a fresh and youthful perspective to your company with interns who are competent in digitalization trends and social media.

- Set your teams of interns, and help your employees gain mentorship and leadership skills.

- Become a partner of “Guaranteed Internship” project, select your intern, and become a winner. 


The Advantages of Internships for Students:

- Seize the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

- Gain experience and establish a business network by getting familiar with the business world.

- Try out the field you want to work at, set your career goals.

- Create a professional vision, increase your perception and awareness on working.

- Lay the foundation of a good job before you graduate by proving yourself.

- Develop personal competencies such as communication skills, time and crisis management.

- Enrich your CV, gain self-confidence, and become more productive at work life.


The Advantages of Guaranteed Internship Project for Izmir

- Qualified workforce will stay in Izmir.

- Izmir will progress with university-city integration, and set a good example to Turkey at the same time.  

- Young people, who get to know and love the city, will produce for Izmir.   

- Izmir’s potential will be revealed, qualified young people will develop new projects for the city. 

- Thanks to the system, which allows “Young people of Izmir to stay and work in Izmir”, new brands will emerge from the city. 



Privileges of Students of Izmir University of Economics

- Being educated by competent academics who have close ties with the sector,

- Being success and project driven,

- Having good command of latest technology, social media literacy,

- Being aware of all the responsibilities of work life, trained on duties and responsibilities of an intern,

- Having good command of English and a second foreign language,

- Being highly disciplined, with good work ethics,

- Having effective communication and time management skills,

- Being highly competitive, innovative, responsible, and having high self-esteem,

- Being monitored closely by the faculty internship committee,

- Being respectful to the corporate values of the place of internship, displaying loyalty.

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