Career Mentorship Project

Purpose of the Project:

Purpose of the project is to bring IUE students and alumni together, ensure graduates share their career and work experiences with students, and to prepare the students to work life best way possible in addition to help increase their cultural and academic developments.

Mentor Profile (Graduates)

  • Mentor needs to have leadership skills, have good command of Izmir University of Economics values and eager to relay them, have good people skills, be good at crisis management, and be creative, positive, and energetic.
  • Mentor, in the eye of the student, will be a teacher, will inform the students about new approaches and share own experiences.

Who Can Become a Mentor?

  • Mentors need to have at least three years of work experience because personal experience is fundamental in this program.
  • All mentors need to have completed undergraduate and/or graduate studies at Izmir University of Economics.
  • They need to have good problem solving, leadership, and communication skills.
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What is Expected of Mentors?

  • Listening to the needs and expectations of students,
  • Providing insights into best business practices,
  • Providing support for students in researches, project implementations, and search for resources,
  • Providing insights about interviews,
  • Informing students about sectors,
  • Participating in activities to get to know mentees.

Who Can Become a Mentee?

Students of Izmir University of Economics, who are at least in 3rd year, are all prospective Career Mentees.