Alumni Relations Office

Alumni Relations Office intends to contribute to the social, cultural, and professional lives of graduates of Izmir University of Economics, provide solidarity and communication among them, and work to keep the ‘Izmir Economics’ spirit alive.

The main purpose of our Office is to strengthen alumni relations, keep them posted about the University’s events and organizations, and maintain university-alumni relations. For this purpose, alumni information is constantly being updated.

Alumni Information System and CV Bank intends to keep you in touch with the University after graduation. The system allows you to; update personal, academic, and employment information,upload your CV, search for jobs listed on the system database.

Oasis ID and password is required to enter the system. The University started to issue the Alumni Cards as of 2103. Alumni Card allows you to benefit from the Library for free, attend the conferences, symposiums, activities, etc. organized by the University, and enter and exit the campus. You may continue to carry on the spirit of Izmir University of Economics with your free of charge IUE Alumni Card.

We provide you with a ‘’ mail address you can use for life in order to keep in touch as you enter the business world. You can apply for alumni email at address.

Please get in touch with Alumni Relations Office in order to learn more about upcoming alumni activities, update your information, and share your opinions and recommendations.