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Questions To Be Answered for Internship Report

The following questions must be answered in detail in Internship Report. The report is not restricted with these questions; if necessary, you may give information apart from these questions.

QUESTION 1- Give the following information about the institution you performed your internship.

(2 pages at most):

  1. Name and address of the institution
  2. Its field of activity
  3. Sort history of the institution that introduces the development of the institution
  4. Upper institution it is affiliated to (if any) and existing facilities
  5. Number of employees in the institution and their classification according to their qualities (worker, technician, engineer, administrative personnel, etc.)
  6. For manufacturer enterprises: produced goods, production capacity, basic raw materials, material supply methods, annual production amounts and target markets.
  7. For service enterprises: services presented, service capacity, basic inputs and target markets.

QUESTION 2- By drawing the organizational chart of the institution; please state which units fulfill production/service and general business administration functions, relations, authority and responsibilities between the departments.

The activities a company must perform in order to fulfill its aims defined as producing and/or marketing economic goods/services are named as business administration functions and they are gathered under following titles:

  •         Management                               
  •         Production
  •         Marketing
  •         Finance and Accounting
  •         Personnel / Human Resources
  •         Research – Development
  •         Public Relations

Management is a process made up of planning, organizing, coordinating, orienting and supervising the activities of people to reach the foundation aim of the enterprise.

Planning is to determine and arrange what to do, how to do, when to do and with whom to do.

Organizing is to set an organization in accordance with the aims established in planning process and the ways determined to reach these.

Orientation is activating the operation of the organization by using organizational communication, motivation level of the wage earners and leadership attributes.

Coordination is to combine the efforts of the wage earners, arrange the time, provide the activities to be successive in order to reach the common goal and interpenetrate them to integrate each other.

Supervision is to confirm what is implemented in business administration functions, how it is implemented and to what extent it is implemented.

QUESTION 3- Did you have a chance to use your foreign language during your internship? What was this foreign language? Please answer in Yes/No format and specify which languages you used.

QUESTION 4- State your ideas and suggestions that could increase efficiency in the processes of production and service at the institution you do the internship.

QUESTION 5- Please list the duties you performed throughout your internship and explain what you did about these duties. Please attach the visual documents if any to the Internship Report.

QUESTION 6- What kind of applications you saw about the theoretical knowledge you gained? Specify openly. Give example.

QUESTION 7- Please tell what this internship gave to you in one paragraph.


PS: Please take the questions you have to answer from Internship Committee (If required).

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