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Talent Gate is a platform launched by the Presidency of Republic of Turkey Human Resources Office to bring students, alumni, employers, and university career centers together online.


Students and Alumni can give direct information to employers about themselves by creating their profiles and uploading their CVs. They can review and apply for career fairs/events and related trainings announced by career centers and/or employers. They can review employers' profiles / career opportunities they offer and apply for internship / job postings published by employers. In addition, they can make an appointment with career counselors at career centers and communicate with universities and employers.


Employers can inform students about their companies and the career opportunities they provide with the company profile they will create. They can directly announce internship / job postings to students / alumni, receive applications and get back to them through the system. They can participate in career events organized by the university as well as deliver the events and trainings they plan to students / alumni and receive applications. They can communicate directly with university career centers and students / alumni.


Career Centers can understand and follow the career status of their students, the communication between students and employers, the expectations and demands of companies, and stay in touch with students / alumni and employers. They can announce career events or trainings to be carried out by different units of the university or employers and ensure their participation. They can carry out the planning for Career Counseling services through the system and follow up on the counseling requests and the details of the counseling process. They can communicate collectively or individually by determining a target audience when they want to reach students and alumni.




All students who are in the last year of undergraduate programs and four-year schools in formal education and whose grade point average is 2 out of 4 (equivalent in other systems) will be able to apply to the Internship Mobilization program.


Applicants of the internship program will be evaluated by the Presidency Human Resources Office, Measurement and Evaluation Department, based on their performance from high school to the last year of their undergraduate education, their efforts to increase their competencies, and their achievements, instead of the exam method that measures instant performance.


This method covers three main titles as Professional Competences, Social and Artistic Competences, and Sportive Competences. The knowledge, skills and competencies of the applicants will be scored based on certain criteria under each title.


As a result of the evaluations, the applicants who are entitled to enter the intern pool will be determined.


The public institutions/organizations and voluntary companies in the private sector will be granted access to this pool, created by the Presidency Human Resources Office. These institutions will be able to select applicants studying in the departments they need from this pool and make internship offers, and applicants can choose companies from the public institutions, organizations and private sector that are suitable for them among these offers.

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